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Our lawyers know that overcoming an injury is difficult and stressful. They can help you along the pathway to recuperation.

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An unexpected injury can disrupt your entire life. Suddenly, you are facing not only physical pain, but also the stress of knowing that medical bills are piling up while your recovery is causing you to lose time at work. This can affect the well-being of your entire family, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.

At Garrett Law, our attorneys are committed to standing beside you on your journey back to health. They build strong relationships with our clients because they believe that it is necessary to ensure that they deliver the best service they can. For 15 years, our lawyers have proudly served the legal needs of people in our community, and they are here for you if you need them. | Best Workers Compensation Attorneys in Albuquerque 2024 | Elite Lawyer Accidents & Injuries | 5 Stars | Aaron Garrett 2024

Case Results

Slip/Trip and Fall Claims

$270k – Tripped due to uneven concrete
$225k – Tripped due to poorly maintained landscaping
$225k – Tripped due to a poorly maintained parking lot
$190k – Tripped as a result of defective design/lighting/failure to warn
$180k – Tripped as a result of loose flooring
$175k – Fell as a result of defective stairs

Workers’ Compensation Claims

$250k – Disputed back injury
$145k – Disputed knee injury
$125k – Disputed shoulder injury
$100k – Disputed knee injury

Medical Malpractice Claims

$995k – Failure to diagnose
$650k – Negligent treatment
$600k – Failure to diagnose (the maximum settlement for New Mexico medical malpractice claims at the time)

Automobile Accident Claims

$2.5 million – Roll over
$500k – Roll over
$450k – Bad faith resolution on auto accident
$350k – Auto accident with significant UIM coverage
$115k – Low impact accident involving a drunk driver with significant UIM coverage


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Our founding lawyer, Aaron Garrett, is a New Mexico native. He has dedicated his career to getting injured people the compensation they deserve. Early in his career, he worked as a workers’ compensation attorney on the other side of the courtroom, fighting employee claims on behalf of employers. This experience makes him uniquely qualified to help you. He knows how lawyers representing businesses build legal strategies in workers’ comp and personal injury claims; he uses this knowledge to tailor his strategy for your case.

Our lawyers help people get compensation for their injuries. They assist clients with cases involving injuries caused by many types of accidents.

For instance, a slip-and-fall is a type of premises liability case. The manager of a property has the responsibility to keep it free and clear of obstacles, so, if you were injured by their negligence, then you could receive compensation.

Accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles can result in serious injuries and property damage. Our team will fight on your behalf for the money you deserve after a motor vehicle collision.

Your workplace should be safe, but when you receive injuries at work, the law is there to hold your employer accountable. Our attorneys will investigate your case and gather the proof needed to take your employer all the way to court, if necessary.

Our lawyers also can help you appeal denied benefits. If your insurance refuses to cover something necessary, like medicine or treatment, then our team will assist you in navigating the appeals process in an effort to help you get you what you need.

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