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3 Hazards To Watch Out For When Working In Someone Else’s Home

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

If your job involves you cleaning, fixing or building people’s homes, you are probably entering multiple different houses every day. Some of your clients might be very tidy—but some homes could be dangerous.

You could suffer an injury in any home you enter. You should know what risks could be present when you are working.

Slippery surfaces

There are a number of reasons a floor may be slippery. If someone recently cleaned a wood or tile surface, it could still be wet. People may have also walked around with wet shoes after it rained.

Whatever the reason is, wet floors can be dangerous. Wear sensible shoes and walk carefully if you have to move across one. But it might be better to avoid it entirely if you are able to.


If the family that owns the home you’re in doesn’t pick up after themselves, the floor can be covered in hazards. Electrical cords, toys and furniture could easily be left out or placed in risky spots.

Open cabinets and drawers could also cause you to trip and lead to a serious injury. Carefully looking around the area you are walking around might reveal objects you could trip over.

Poor lighting

Even if the floor is perfectly safe, the home may still be dangerous—one reason this might be is that you may not be able to see properly. If a room is dark, you could fall down the stairs or trip over unseen objects. Turn the lights on if you can, and consider keeping a flashlight with you if you expect to work in dark places.

If you work in someone else’s home, the homeowner is liable for your safety. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you hold them responsible and get the compensation you deserve.