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Common Workplace Tripping Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

An unexpected object in your path can pose a hazard to your health. Each year, thousands of people sustain tripping injuries on the job. These injuries can be serious and long lasting. It’s not uncommon for these injuries to result in fractures, sprains, cuts and more. Sadly, most these injuries are preventable.

The commonality and seriousness of these injuries makes prevention especially important. You and your coworkers should know the most common causes of tripping accidents are. A few ways to prevent these injuries mean looking out for:

  • Cluttered work spaces: Keeping work areas as tidy as possible prevents things like cords, tools and other potential debris from spilling into walking paths. This is especially important around stairs where tripping accidents can become even more serious. It’s also important to make sure to close all drawers when they don’t need to be open.
  • Poor lighting: Dimly lit walkways make it more difficult to recognize tripping hazards. Your employer should replace burned out lights, but you should exercise extra caution if you must travel on a poorly lit path.
  • Dangerous floors: Floors can be dangerous for many reasons. A floor that someone has recently mopped or a floor uneven and in need of repair can cause someone to lose their balance and injure themselves.

Tripping hazards take many forms These are just three examples of common tripping hazards in a workplace. There are several more workplace hazards and many of them are also preventable. An employer who doesn’t do everything that they can to prevent tripping injuries may be acting negligently. It’s their responsibility to maintain their property, including floors and lighting, and ensure that workers are working safely.

Taking these steps can help you reduce the likelihood for you to become a victim of a potentially serious tripping accident.