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Reducing Slip-And-Fall Accidents In The Workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

While certain jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others, safety hazards exist in nearly all fields of profession. One of the most common causes of workplace injuries among workers in New Mexico continues to pertain to slip-and-fall accidents. As such incidents can take place in any setting, understanding the steps to take to promote a safe work environment could prove integral to staving off hazardous slip-and-fall injuries.

Promoting safety

When it comes to reducing slip-and-fall accident numbers in the workplace, experts indicate that companies and employees could benefit from taking a four-step approach. The first step involves evaluating the workplace and identifying any potential fall risks. Examples of fall risks may include areas with poor lightning or locations with higher risk of substance spills.

The next step could involve addressing the issues at hand, such as adding sufficient lighting and installing surfaces with adequate grip or implementing measures to promptly address spills. In some cases, companies could also benefit from altering operational procedures to limit the presence of potential safety hazards. Taking steps to spread awareness of slip-and-fall risks and prevention methods among everyone in the workplace could also be integral to reducing the odds of a potential disaster.

When an accident occurs

Unfortunately, preventing every slip-and-fall accident could prove a nearly impossible feat and those who suffer injuries in a similar incident may face a variety of challenges in life. Individuals who suffer injuries while at work may be left facing a long road to recovery and loss of wages. Following the incident, a person in New Mexico could benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance in seeking financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, as well as any other source that might be applicable.