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Possible Contributors To Slippery Surfaces

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which a person in New Mexico or elsewhere could begin to lose balance and suddenly fall to the ground. Wet or slippery surfaces continue to be one of the primary causes of slip-and-fall accidents. However, the average person might not be fully aware of what might contribute to such safety hazards and some sources of slip-and-fall risks may come as a surprise.

Surface hazards

It might not come as a surprise to learn that pools of water stemming from pipe leaks or drink spills can create slippery surfaces. However, similar hazards might not be the only thing that can create a safety risk. Experts also suggest that without the proper cleaning and maintenance, grease can also build up on floors and cause them to become oily and slick.

Experts also assert that certain cleaning materials may only be suitable for certain surfaces and that using improper substances could also result in safety hazards. Failing to properly maintain cleaning equipment such as mop heads could also be detrimental. Over time, grease and other substances can build up on mop heads and the continued use of such equipment may only increase the risks that such substances will be transferred to floors and surfaces.

Suffering an injury

Slip-and-fall accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate and each incident has the potential to leave those involved with serious or even permanent injuries. Individuals in New Mexico who suffer harm under similar scenarios and wish to know more about the next steps to take to seek restitution could choose to consult with an attorney for guidance early in the process. An attorney can help a client better prepare to protect his or her interests through the proper channels and subsequently assist in navigating the process.