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Slip-And-Fall Risks May Be More Common In Certain Areas

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

When it comes to addressing safety risks in a building, property owners in New Mexico and elsewhere may find that there could be various factors to consider. One such factor could pertain to identifying areas of the building in which a slipandfall risks might exist. Such measures could prove vital to protecting the well-being of consumers and employees alike, as studies indicate that such incidents may be more likely to occur in certain areas. 

Addressing hazards 

One of the first areas of a building that is a common site of slipandfall accidents could involve building lobbies. With constant traffic coming in and out of a lobby, possibly carrying snow or rainwater with them in the process, lobby floors could become slick and unsafe to navigate. Areas in which foods and beverages are sold or stored may also be a common site of such incidents, as floor drips and spills can create various safety hazards. 

Areas with corroded pipe systems or leaky roofs may also prove dangerous under various circumstances. Failing to address such issues could leave others exposed to various health concerns. Even if wet floors signs are in place and a bucket is being used to collect water dripping from a pipe or roof, the bucket itself could act as a potential tripping hazard. 

When a slip and fall occurs 

Regardless of where or how it occurs, a slip-and-fall accident could carry disastrous ramifications. Those who suffer serious or permanent harm in such an incident and wish to know more about their available legal options could find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney for advice. In doing so, a person  in New Mexico could obtain much needed guidance and assistance in preparing to seek the compensation entitled through all applicable channels.