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Possible Outdoor Slip-And-Fall Hazards

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Although it is no secret that fall-related incidents that occur inside a building can have disastrous results, there are also certain circumstances in which outdoor areas may also prove hazardous. Outdoor areas could contain many of the same hazards as the alternative, but there may also be certain safety risks that are unique to this setting. Evaluating some common outdoor slipandfall risks could help many individuals in New Mexico better prepare to safely navigate these areas. 

Outdoor hazards 

Studies indicate that many indoor fall hazards may also appear in outdoor settings, such as slippery surfaces and the presence of clutter. However, there may be additional hazards outdoors and safety concerns such as uneven sidewalks and dangerous stairways. In the open, stairways and paths may be subject to deterioration under various circumstances and if property owners fail to address such risks, the results could prove catastrophic. 

Inadequate lighting also remains a major safety concern in certain outdoor areas and areas in which such hazards exist can be dangerous to navigate at times. Wind and other weather conditions could also cause debris such as sticks or rocks to roll onto pathways and such objects might also act as slipandfall risks. Without the proper maintenance, similar safety concerns may run rampant on outdoor areas and those who navigate through similar paths might not always be able to spot a hazard before an accident takes place.  

Outdoor accidents 

Property owners who fail to properly maintain all outdoor areas may in turn subject others nearby to various safety risks and slip-and-fall accidents involving similar situations could cause serious injuries. After suffering harm in such an incident, individuals in New Mexico could be left with questions about their available legal options, but they might not know where to go for advice. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide a person with guidance on the next steps to take to seek the compensation entitled and assist him or her in navigating the process.