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Slip-And-Fall Risks For Employees In The Medical Industry

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Working in the medical field can be rewarding in various ways, but it can also be a highly demanding profession. Individuals in New Mexico who are employed in this field may constantly be on the move while performing job-related tasks, and they might not always be aware of the presence of any potential dangers nearby. Studies indicate that there are a variety of slip-and-fall risks to address in medical facilities and if left unaddressed, such hazards could pose a significant threat to the well-being of those nearby. 

Possible safety hazards 

Studies indicate that there are a variety of potential slip-and-fall hazards to address concerning medical facilities. According to studies, fluid spills remain a common concern in similar settings and such risks only act to increase the danger of a major accident. Floor clutter is another significant concern in this field and failure to keep floors clear of cords and debris could also create a potentially dangerous workplace environment. 

Those who face a need to constantly be on the move may also find that uneven surfaces and inadequate lighting are two more examples of common slip-and-fall hazards. In some cases, it could prove difficult to detect the presence of sudden changes in surface patterns before an accident takes place. Areas with poor lighting run the risk of obscuring hazards and those who are unable to spot a safety threat in time to avoid an accident could suffer in various ways. 

After an accident 

Slip-and-fall accidents that occur in the workplace could leave a person facing a variety of hardships in life. Injuries that stem from such an incident could create a need for temporary or even long-term medical care, and loss of wages due to time off work during recovery could bring about dire financial repercussions. Following such an incident, a person in New Mexico might find it helpful to speak with an attorney for assistance in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation achievable through all applicable sources.