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Could Proper Cleaning Techniques Limit Slip-And-Fall Risks?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Most businesses in New Mexico and elsewhere may have some form of strategies to help maintain a clean and safe environment for employees and consumers alike. Cleaning techniques could act as ways to address safety risks such as liquid spills or floor debris but in some cases, even the measures applied could act to create a dangerous situation. Understanding the role proper cleaning techniques might play in reducing slip-and-fall hazard and the possible risks involved with inadequate cleaning measures could help stem the tide of such potentially dangerous incidents. 

Cleaning techniques 

Studies indicate that to understand the role cleaning techniques might play in reducing slip-and-fall risks, it may be necessary to explore some common causes of such incidents. Liquid spills, grease buildup and oily surfaces are some of the most prevalent causes of slip-and-fall accidents, and such issues can exist in virtually any type of environment. While cleaning up spills and debris could prove integral to promoting safety, if the measures used prove inadequate, the threat to safety may persist. 

According to studies, cleaning measures such as the use of a mop and bucket might not always be the most favorable path. Experts indicate that while this might help remove spills or grease from a floor, the cleaning supplies used to mop up a spill could still leave surfaces somewhat slippery. Using equipment that will clean and then help dry freshly cleaned surfaces is just one example of a type of technique that could help reduce the risks of an unfortunate scenario. 

Negligent decisions 

Unfortunately, it might not be feasible to expect all property owners to take every possible measure to promote a safe environment and reduce slip-and-fall hazards. Individuals who suffer severe injuries due to such negligence may choose to seek advice on their available options for legal recourse by speaking with an attorney. Such guidance could prove essential to helping a person in New Mexico know what to expect from the process and better prepare to seek the full amount of compensation entitled through the appropriate outlets.