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Knee injuries may be common in slip and fall accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2022 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

It could be difficult to imagine the impact a fall-related incident could have on various aspects of one’s life. Studies indicate that knee injuries continue to be common among slip-and-fall accident victims in New Mexico and similar injuries might not always be minor medical concerns that may only lead to temporary pain and suffering. Knee injuries stemming from slip-and-fall incidents can take on numerous forms and may carry devastating ramifications.  

Types of knee injuries 

According to experts, there are numerous types of knee injuries, each of which may present with unique symptoms and challenges. One common example could involve ACL injuries and such ligament tears can create intense pain and prompt a need to undergo surgery. Similar injuries could also affect mobility and those who suffer ACL tears may be at greater risk of further damaging their knees. 

Bone fractures and torn cartilage are two more types of knee injuries a person could suffer during such an accident. Slip-and-fall victims may also be at risk of suffering conditions which prompt inflammation in the knees or from developing conditions such as tendinitis. While it might come as no surprise that knee injuries can affect mobility, such medical concerns could also prompt a variety of hardships, such as a need for frequent medical care or chronic pain and suffering. 

After an accident 

Individuals who suffer knee injuries during a slip-and-fall accident may encounter a variety of symptoms and similar health conditions could prompt numerous challenges in life. In addition to the physical trials involved, such injuries may also lead to dire financial repercussions stemming from medical care and loss of wages. Following the accident, a person in New Mexico could benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney for guidance on all the available outlets for compensation and assistance in taking every possible measure to protect his or her financial future.