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An Accident Can Change Your Life

A motorcycle can be fun, and a great way to see our beautiful state of New Mexico. However, if you are in an accident on your motorcycle, the injuries can be severe – common ones include spinal cord injury, head injury and brain injury. Hospital bills may begin piling up, and you may lose income while you recover. The impact this can have on your life and that on your loved ones is serious, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.

Working To Get You What You Deserve

Some people have a bias against motorcycle drivers, and think that they do not deserve money after an accident because of the perceived danger of riding a motorcycle in the first place. The law disagrees with them – and so do we. At Aaron Garrett Law, we believe that you do deserve compensation if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, especially if it was caused by dangerous roads or a hit-and-run. It should be enough to cover things like:

  • Hospital bills. This can be an issue throughout your case, as your bills may begin to be due before your case is settled.
  • Property damage. Many motorcycles can be quite expensive and customized for you. Therefore, a wreck can be extremely costly.
  • Lost income while recovering. This is often a very stressful part of an accident. You may want to push yourself to get back to work to avoid losing income – but that is not the case. You should have the freedom to recover fully.
  • Lost future income. If your accident causes injuries that prevent you from working in the future, you deserve to have that income made up by the responsible party.

You do not need to fight through recovery on your own, with things like bills and work causing you unneeded stress. We are here to work for you on your personal injury case and allow you to focus on recovering.

Protect Your Rights: Call An Attorney Today

We are committed to working tirelessly on your behalf, using every advantage we can gather. However, you have to call us first. It is never too late to get the professional help you deserve. To arrange a meeting with a lawyer, call our Albuquerque office at 505-633-8837. You have nothing to lose: we will not charge you a penny unless we win and get compensation for you.

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