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Know What To Ask For When Pursuing Disability

Most individuals do not want to stop working. Disability benefits can take time to get, and you may lose income until they are approved. If you are unable to work fully or at all due to your injury, you must know what kind of disability to pursue. If you pursue a more serious form of disability when your injury does not warrant it, you may be denied. If you pursue less compensation and your injury is so serious you cannot work at all, you may not have enough income to live.

At Aaron Garrett Law, we are experienced disability lawyers. Our founding attorney has 15 years of experience in New Mexico, and we can help you evaluate your situation and decide between partial and total disability.

What Is Partial And Total Disability?

Work-related injury can be separated into two types. Partial disability means that you are unable to work at full capacity due to your injury, while total disability means you are unable to work at all. Whether you are considered partially or totally disabled will have a big impact on your case.

  • Partial disability: This can include an on-the-job injury, or an illness. You may consider taking partial disability if you have a long-term illness and need the time to recover before returning. It is generally easier to get, but it is temporary, and will not cover your entire paycheck, nor will it cover any future wages — it will only cover the wages missed while you recover.
  • Total disability: This includes very serious permanent injury such as loss of hands, feet, arms or legs through amputation, or the loss of the use of them through an accident. You may also take total disability after a serious illness that does not allow you to work at all. You can receive not only coverage for lost past wages, but compensation for lost future wages through total disability.

Get The Money You Need

If you are injured, you should be able to recover without worrying about money. That is the purpose of disability benefits. Our team can help you get them. To arrange a meeting, call our Albuquerque office today at 505-633-8837. Do not worry about the cost: we do not charge a fee unless we win for you.

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