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What You Need To Know Before Seeking Benefits

Workers’ compensation is an excellent benefit that you have earned through your service. However, there can be an element of uncertainty around it. You may think that if you are injured at work, you will not know how long you will receive benefits, or if you will at all. That is not the case with every type of injury. Some injuries do lead to a subjective evaluation, but there are certain injuries where it is not questioned, but instead guaranteed that you will receive benefits. These are called “scheduled injuries.”

What Are Scheduled Injuries?

At Aaron Garrett Law​, our founding attorney began his career working on the company side of workers’ compensation disputes. This means that he is uniquely able to take on your case and be successful, because he knows how the other side thinks and works. He knows what information they are likely to consider, and which factors will have an impact. He has found throughout his experience that scheduled injuries can be used to his clients’ advantage. So what are scheduled injuries?

In New Mexico, there are two types of injury. An “unscheduled” injury is to your back, neck or head. These are the types of injury where you will need to be evaluated to assign benefits according to your condition. “Scheduled” injury means that it is an injury to your arms, including elbow, wrist and shoulder, or your legs, including knees, hips and ankles. For scheduled injuries, your benefits are set by law. This means that your benefits will be easier to get than you may think.

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Workers’ compensation claims can be confusing. It might be an entirely new field for you. Fortunately, there is a firm available for which it is not new at all. At Aaron Garrett Law, our entire firm is dedicated to helping the injured. To talk to a member of our team, call our Albuquerque office today at 505-633-8837. Your meeting will be free — we do not charge any fees unless we win for you.

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