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Take these immediate steps after a slip-and-fall accident

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their sidewalks, entryways and parking lots well-maintained and safe for guests and visitors alike. Slippery floors and cluttered pathways pose a serious threat to anyone who may cross them, and the results of a slip-and-fall accident can prove to be debilitating.

Slip-and-fall injuries can range from minor to severe. After an incident, it’s important to know what steps to take so that you can get the compensation you need to recover.

Common workplace tripping accidents

An unexpected object in your path can pose a hazard to your health. Each year, thousands of people sustain tripping injuries on the job. These injuries can be serious and long lasting. It’s not uncommon for these injuries to result in fractures, sprains, cuts and more. Sadly, most these injuries are preventable.

The commonality and seriousness of these injuries makes prevention especially important. You and your coworkers should know the most common causes of tripping accidents are. A few ways to prevent these injuries mean looking out for:

Film production dangers likely rising but little discussed

There’s been a tremendous boom in television and film production in recent years. Many states are offering their citizens as cast and crew, and New Mexico’s efforts have paid off. But it’s hard to estimate the workplace safety record in an industry as concerned about image and publicity as Hollywood.


3 hazards to watch out for when working in someone else’s home

If your job involves you cleaning, fixing or building people’s homes, you are probably entering multiple different houses every day. Some of your clients might be very tidy—but some homes could be dangerous.

You could suffer an injury in any home you enter. You should know what risks could be present when you are working.

Can knowing how to fall help reduce injury?

Is there a correct way to fall? If you ask a stunt professional, paratrooper, martial artist or physical therapist, there definitely is. One of the most frustrating aspects to a fall is the moment where you do not have any control to recover, and circumstances mean you are going to go down to the ground. While you may not have the ability to reverse the situation of an impending fall at that moment, there may be ways to make it less damaging to your body. 

Proving liability in a slip and fall case

When you fall on someone’s property, you may attribute it to two things: one is that you are just clumsy, and out of your own nature slipped and fell. The second is that there was a reason for your fall, and the owner of the property is the cause of the injury.

If you can prove that the owner of the property was to blame for your fall, and subsequent injury, you may be able to take legal action against them.

A slip and fall at the local pool

Summer is here, and swimsuit season has begun. Most people flock to their local pools to cool off during hot days or meet up with friends or family.

However, the local pool is a prime location for slip and fall accidents, especially with slippery pool decks and bare feet. There are ways to prevent falls, such as non-slip soles or slowly walking around the edges of the pool. But accidents happen, so what should you do if you slip and fall at a pool?

Movie set accidents injure many each year

Hollywood loves New Mexico. For decades, studios – attracted by the state’s blue skies, terrain and sunshine – have boosted the state’s economy in sending crews here to work on a number of films and television shows including “The Grapes of Wrath,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “The Muppet Movie,” “The Avengers” and “Breaking Bad.”

For a moment, though, get the stars out of your eyes. Remember that it takes great dedication to create such potential blockbusters. That’s why studios must rely on crews consisting of hundreds of people. While actors and directors receive a great amount of the prestige, it takes a collaborative effort from the likes of camera operators, construction crews and stunt performers to accomplish a studio’s goals.


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