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Case Results

Listed below are some of the settlements that we have won on behalf of our clients.

Slip/Trip and Fall Claims


Tripped due to uneven concrete


Tripped as a result of defective design/lighting/failure to warn


Fell as a result of defective stairs


Tripped due to a poorly maintained parking lot


Tripped as a result of loose flooring

Workers’ Compensation Claims


Disputed back injury


Disputed shoulder injury

Disputed knee injury


Disputed knee injury

Medical Malpractice Claims


Failure to diagnose


Failure to diagnose
(the maximum settlement for New Mexico medical malpractice claims at the time)

Negligent treatment

Automobile Accident Claims

Typical auto accident settlements are small because New Mexico law are only requires drivers to carry $25,000 in coverage. However, in some situations you can sue for damages well beyond $25,000. Listed below are some examples where the settlements were larger because of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

$2.5 Million

Roll over


Bad faith resolution on auto accident


Low impact accident involving a drunk driver with significant UIM coverage

Roll over


Auto accident with significant UIM coverage