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You Have A Voice In Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation can feel like a standard process. You get injured. You notify your employer. They tell you “go to this doctor” and “submit this form.” Shortly after, you may even receive a check for benefits. When no one explains anything to you, it is easy to assume you are only entitled to what you are given and have no say in the process. This is not true.

At Garrett Law, we help people understand their benefits and rights and give them the voice they need to enforce them. We represent private and city employees who are injured on construction sites, at hotels, at schools, in the film industry, on public property, or anywhere else in Albuquerque and the surrounding area.

“As a former defense lawyer, I handled many workers’ compensation claims for major insurance companies in New Mexico. I know how they make decisions, why they make them and how to build a strong case against them.” – Attorney Aaron Garrett

Garrett Law Will Make Sure Yours Is Heard

We help people at the start of the process and after something has gone wrong:

  • Was your initial claim denied? You may be entitled to benefits even if the insurance company says your injury does not qualify. You are also entitled to request a second opinion.
  • Are you happy with your doctor? You can seek treatment from a doctor of your choosing.
  • Did you injure your arm or leg? You may be entitled to additional benefits for “scheduled injuries” the insurance company will not tell you about.
  • Were you denied coverage for a surgery you need? You are entitled to the treatment your doctor says you need.

Injured At Work Or Already Receiving Benefits? Let’s Chat. No Obligation.

We have helped people whose rights have been violated in many ways and at all stages of the process. If you have questions about workers’ compensation, we encourage you to call us and schedule a free initial consultation. Our goal is to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to under the law.

Call our office at 505-633-8837 or send us an email. We make it our priority to respond to any messages or emails within 24 hours.