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Accidents With Serious Consequences

Big trucks such as semitrucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and big rigs are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Though their drivers are trained, the sheer size of the vehicles means that if you are in a roadway accident with them, you can be severely injured. Common semitruck accidents involve things like rollovers, brake failures and more.

After an injury like that, you could be recovering in the hospital for some time, and therefore receiving bills, while possibly unable to work. At Aaron Garrett Law​, we believe that you deserve compensation from the party at fault for the accident to cover these needs.

Pursuing The Maximum Compensation Possible

We have helped countless clients recover compensation for their injuries. We know what to do to ensure your best chance at success. With a truck accident, you may have more than one party that can be held legally responsible such as:

  • The driver. They can be held responsible for their own actions in driving the truck that was in the accident.
  • The company, if the driver is an employee. If the driver is legally an employee and was working when the accident took place, then the company can also be held liable.
  • The company, if the driver is a contractor. If the driver is only a contractor, you may still be able to hold the company responsible. It depends on how much supervision the company gave the driver.

The reason that it may be advantageous to identify more than one party at fault is that each party likely holds their own insurance policy, and you may be able to recover a larger amount of compensation. A skilled tractor-trailer accident attorney knows this and will be able to evaluate the situation for you so that you do not have to consider it.

A Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights As A Victim

In any accident, it is important to contact an attorney right away. They will help you follow the right steps, as well as communicate with insurance companies to prevent damage to your case. To talk with one of our team members at Aaron Garrett Law, contact us online or call our Albuquerque office at 505-633-8837 today. The meeting will be free – we never charge any fees unless we win for you.

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