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A Slip And Fall At The Local Pool

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Summer is here, and swimsuit season has begun. Most people flock to their local pools to cool off during hot days or meet up with friends or family.

However, the local pool is a prime location for slip and fall accidents, especially with slippery pool decks and bare feet. There are ways to prevent falls, such as non-slip soles or slowly walking around the edges of the pool. But accidents happen, so what should you do if you slip and fall at a pool?

Seek medical attention

Before anything, you should seek medical attention for your injuries. It is a crucial step for your health and if you decide to push forward on a personal injury case. Injured parties are often surprised by the extent of their injuries from a simple “slip and fall.”

Notify the owner about the injury

Business owners have a responsibility for injuries that occur on their property and a duty to take reasonable steps to protect customers from harm. You should create a record of the incident and notify the owner of the potential hazard. It gives them the opportunity to prevent further injuries from occurring, but it does not eliminate liability for your injuries.

Look into compensation, if applicable

Slipping on the pool deck does not constitute as enough evidence for a personal injury claim. You have to prove the owner failed to keep the property safe and their negligence caused your injuries.

An example of negligent behavior is not informing swimmers that the pool decks are wet. The owners can put out a sign or use employees to warn customers that slipping is possible if someone runs around the pool.

If the behavior is negligent, you should consider if compensation is worth pursuing. To win compensation, you have to show you have suffered damages – through medical bills, lost wages and compensation for pain. A minor cut or bruise is not worth as much monetary compensation as a broken hip.

Before filing, think about your situation and how it fits into a lawsuit. If the owner did not follow proper procedures to protect swimmers, you might be able to follow up on a personal injury claim.