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Some Slip-And-Fall Hazards May Be Difficult To Detect

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

There are a multitude of scenarios in which floors and walkways in a public setting can become slick and somewhat hazardous to traverse. In some cases, obstacles and safety hazards might not be difficult to spot and thus may pose little threat to consumers. However, certain types of safety hazards can be somewhat more difficult to detect and individuals in New Mexico who encounter such a scenario and suffer serious harm in a subsequent slip-and-fall accident could experience a variety of hardships in life.

During rainy and wet weather conditions, building entrances and lobbies may have a much higher chance of having slick or slippery floors and surfaces during such conditions. If the proper precautions are not taken to mark such hazards and keep floors as dry and safe as possible, the consequences could prove devastating. With properties that have built-in cafeterias or other food-related establishments, there may be an increased risk of liquid drips and spills, which can also turn into a health hazard if left unattended.

Roof and pipe leaks can also lead to slow and steady drips of liquid that may create slippery surfaces that could prove difficult to spot at times. Chemicals that are used to mop up slippery surfaces can also leave behind a slick surface in the process, and the area may continue to remain a hazard if the incorrect cleaning supplies are used to address a spill. Consumers and workers may also be at higher risk of suffering harm in a slip-and-fall accident while visiting establishments that do not have a system in place to rectify similar issues in a timely manner.

Slip-and-fall accidents can take place at virtually any moment and under a multitude of scenarios. Those who suffer serious harm under similar circumstances and wish to know more about their available options for legal recourse could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance as soon as possible. An attorney in New Mexico can evaluate the incident, along with a client’s injuries, and assist in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation achievable through all applicable sources.