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Was Your Slip-And-Fall Injury Someone Else’s Fault?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slippery sidewalks and hallways, unaddressed tripping hazards and other dangers can easily lead to a fall, but who is responsible for that accident? If you experienced a fall as a result of a tripping hazard on another person’s property, you might wonder if the property owner is liable for the harm you suffered.

When might property owners be held responsible?

If the public passes through a person or business’s property, those property owners should take reasonable steps to keep the public safe. Generally, the court may consider property owners responsible for an accident in three different situations.

If property owners or one of their employees caused their property to become dangerous to passers-by, this dangerous condition might be their responsibility. One example would be if an employee caused a spill on the floor and did nothing to fix the potential slipping hazard.

Property owners that knew about the dangerous condition on their property but chose to ignore it may also be liable for a fall caused by this danger. For example, if an owner knows about a tripping hazard but chooses not to fix it or mark it with a warning sign, that decision can put the public at risk.

If the property owner reasonably should have known about the danger and taken care of it, they may also be liable. For example, the public may reasonably expect uneven flooring, unmarked wet floors or other hazards would not be left unaddressed for a long time.

Have you experienced a fall?

Holding people and businesses responsible for a fall on their property is possible. If you experienced a fall, you might want to speak to an attorney about whether the property owner might be liable for your injuries and discuss your legal options.