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Addressing Fall Risks During Adverse Weather Conditions

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

With winter underway, many areas may be facing the possibility of a decrease in temperatures and the likelihood that adverse weather conditions may set in at any moment. Inclement weather may not only affect travel plans but could also raise a variety of safety concerns while traversing through public areas. While property owners may have a duty to take steps to address safety risks during adverse weather, individuals in New Mexico may also benefit from seeking insight into ways to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents during this season.

Those who have concerns about their safety while traveling through stores and public areas may find it helpful to take a variety of steps to reduce the chances of fall-related accidents, such as:

  • Know the risks: Knowing how snowy or icy conditions might affect safety and understanding what to watch for during similar conditions could be integral to mitigating safety risks.
  • Be vigilant: Being vigilant and avoiding distractions could also help one better prepare to spot a potential safety hazard in time to steer clear of danger, but it might not always be easy to detect all safety risks.
  • Dress for the occasion: Slippery surfaces remain a common concern during inclement weather conditions and wearing shoes with adequate tread is another example of a step that could help promote safety.

While adverse weather conditions may lead to a greater risk of safety hazards inside public buildings, parking lots and sidewalks outside of stores may also prove hazardous to navigate at times.

Unfortunately, there may only be so much one can to do avoid a dangerous slip-and-fall accident. Those who suffer harm due to the negligent actions of property owners may face an understandable desire for justice and they could consider speaking with an attorney in New Mexico for advice on the next steps to take. An attorney can help a client understand all his or her legal rights and available options and assist in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation entitled via a slip-and-fall accident claim.