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Mitigating Workplace Fall Risks By Reducing Floor Clutter

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

While the idea of being involved in a work-related accident can be a stressful concept, such an incident could occur at virtually any moment. The risks of a dangerous accident may also be greater with the presence of safety hazards such as excessive floor clutter, as similar issues play a role in many fall-related incidents. Finding ways to reduce floor clutter may be vital to protecting the well-being of workers in New Mexico by helping mitigate slip-and-fall accident risks.

Floor clutter

Floor clutter can exist in any work environment and anything that creates an obstacle in workplace pathways can pose a threat to the safety of everyone. Extension cords, cables and boxes are some common examples of items that can clutter and obstruct walkways. However, any type of loose item could create a fall hazard and taking steps to mitigate such risks may be vital to promoting a safer workplace atmosphere.

Studies indicate that some of the most common areas in which floor clutter might create a dangerous situation could include building entranceways and aisles. Stairways and corridors are also areas in which the presence of clutter could pose a significant threat to safety. As similar issues could arise at almost any job site location, performing frequent inspections of job site conditions may also be essential to promoting fall safety.

Workplace slip-and-fall accident

Excessive floor clutter is one of many types of safety issues that may lead to a greater risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Those who suffer serious injuries during such an incident could face numerous hardships in life and they might consider speaking with an attorney for advice on their options and the best course of action to take to protect their futures. An attorney in New Mexico can thoroughly evaluate the situation a client is facing and assist in preparing a strategy with which to pursue the full amount of compensation achievable through the appropriate paths.