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What compensation can house cleaners benefit from?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

The job of a professional house cleaner can be a demanding one, and it can be dangerous at times. For one, they are at risk of slip-and-fall accidents because of wet floors and other hazards. As a result, they might suffer injuries that could prevent them from working and earning income for weeks or months.

Claiming compensation for their injury can help house cleaners cover the cost of their treatment, recovery and lost income opportunities. Which type of compensation they can benefit from generally depends on the nature of their employment.

Cleaning service company employee

House cleaners working for a cleaning service company likely have access to workers’ compensation. This type of coverage is usually a requirement for businesses with employees. Failing to provide workers’ comp coverage can get a company in legal trouble.

Self-employed cleaners

A self-employed cleaner or independent contractor usually cannot access workers’ comp, but there are ways to bypass this issue. For instance, taking advantage of insurance policies created for self-employed workers is possible, which might help protect them from job-related injuries and other losses.

However, there are cases where the house cleaner does not have such insurance coverage. Depending on certain factors, they might be able to turn to their clients for compensation. In such cases, the client’s homeowner’s insurance usually covers the compensation for the cleaner’s injuries.

House cleaners who sustain job-related injuries may consult a personal injury attorney for advice on the best action. Moreover, their lawyer can help them understand and protect their rights and ensure fair outcomes.