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4 potential hazards in your child’s playground

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Any child would say that a perfect day includes endless play. So, it only makes sense that a playground, with its attractive slides, swings and seesaws, is their version of heaven on earth.

But it’s all fun and games until it’s not. Aside from the unpredictability of an outdoor environment, like inclement weather, other dangers abound in a New Mexico public playground that can lead to harming any defenseless child.

Slip-and-fall risk factors

Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, hospital emergency rooms across the country accommodate over 200,000 children for playground-related injuries every year, with a majority percentage accounting for slips and falls.

When left unsupervised, they can suffer minor scrapes and bruises, broken bones or dislocations, or in the worst and rare cases, even death due to the following potential hazards:

  • Sharp or pointy edges, such as protruding nails or hooks
  • Narrow spaces, which can trap the head or strangle the neck
  • Ground surfaces without soft landing materials, like wood mulch, sand or rubber
  • Elevated platforms without support mechanisms, like barriers or handrails

Aside from looking out for these perilous elements, parents or any supervising adult must also observe the design, installation or maintenance of playground amenities their child explores. Loose ends, rusting or deterioration are all red flags. Without proper warning and instructions, the manufacturer can also be one of the liable parties in any given scenario.

Further, ensuring that the child only plays in areas or with equipment appropriate to their age is critical. For example, toddlers must only have access to swings with full bucket seats, while preschool kids can go on rotating tire swings. For child aged five until 12, they can play on trickier models, like arch climbers and vertical sliding poles.

Keeping your child’s playtime safe

As much as preventive measures are strictly in place, you can still not fully guarantee your child’s safety. Any time, they can lose their balance or another player pushes them. When any of these occurs, your parental instincts must guide you to your legal representative to fight for your child’s rights to financial compensation from all responsible parties.